FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a member of CAI?

Yes.  Great North is a member of CAI.  Great North is also a member of IREM.

How does your 24 hour emergency system work?

We utilize an answering service for all after-hour emergencies. The on-call person is dispatched if additional help is needed. The property manager and the CEO are also notified in ALL serious emergency situations.

Do you have an in-house 24 hour emergency service?

Yes.  Our OSHA Certified maintenance group is available 24 hours per day.

Do you have an in-house Maintenance Department?

Our maintenance group is comprised of twenty full-time staff members who are located throughout New England.  Each of our maintenance technicians is OSHA Certified and can handle anything from changing a light bulb to building a deck or re-roofing a home.  We pride ourselves on having one of the most skilled crews throughout New England.

What are your computer back up procedures?

Great North Property Management utilizes a network of over 100 computers.  The data is stored on a state-of-the-art Dell Power Edge Business Server.  Each evening the files are backed up to an offsite location as well as mirrored in an onsite, secure, fire proof location.

Is your accounting done in-house or subcontracted for?

The Great North Property Management team includes a full accounting staff.  The quality of this experienced team is unparalleled and is directly responsible for ensuring transparent and accurate financial management.  Our team currently consists of ten (10) Staff Accountants, managed by our Controller and Assistant Controller.

“What role does a Property Management Company play in stabilizing and/or improving property values?” and “In the current Real Estate Market what factors are important to you to improve property values in our Association?

The firm’s primary role is to maintain the property at the highest level.  To achieve this goal, we work to enhance the property from an operational standpoint and to ensure that the physical property is beautifully maintained.  A well-maintained property’s reputation is enhanced and consequently property values increase.  Curb appeal is by far the number one item that sells real estate today.  Values are rebounding more quickly for associations performing a high level of maintenance during the real estate downturn.

Do you have a Customer Service Department or does your Property Manager receive all calls from the property?

All calls are answered by a live client services team member and directed to the appropriate individual.  Many of the calls that are received are able to be diagnosed and addressed right at the point of initial contact.  Other calls that are unable to be addressed are immediately sent to the property manager or accounting staff member.  In addition, the firm’s principal is always available on any and all issues.

How many Condominium Associations does your company manage and how many units?

Great North Property Management manages over 350 associations and over 22,000 units.

Who is the principal owner(s) or officer(s)?

Lou Gargiulo is the Founder, President and CEO of Great North.