Tracey Madden

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  • April 23, 2018

Tracey Madden is a Senior Portfolio Manager directly responsible for coordinating all aspects of property management, maintenance and construction activities associated with the management of her condominium associations.  Tracey originates from the South Shore of Massachusetts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from New England College. She majored in Public Relations and completed her minor studies in Business Administration.   Tracey was the Director of Management Services at Harvard Management Solutions until it was sold in 2016 and joined the Great North team in November 2016.   She holds her New Hampshire Real Estate License and her certifications include: CMCA, (Certified Manager of Community Associations) and an AMS (Association Management Specialist).

With over 22 years in the property management industry, Tracey is a results driven manager with extensive experience in organizational procedures, customer service, budgeting, supervision of contractors and coordination of information for the Board of Directors and the membership.    Tracey meets with the Board of Directors as necessary, interacts with the homeowners and serves as liaison between the Board, owners, contractors, municipality, etc.  As a property manager, she performs field inspections to ensure adherence to the Association’s documents and provides administrative support to the  Association and serves as a point of contact for the community.  She loves the unique challenges of property management and the engaging tasks and people encountered on a daily basis.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Junk Food:  Chocolate of course
  • Favorite activity when not at work: Being with my son
  • Favorite band: U2
  • Favorite movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Biggest pet peeve: Not saying please and thank you
  • What holds my interest:  WWII, books that are not electronic, people who are kind
    • Tracey Madden can be contacted at: