Michelle Whear

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  • April 22, 2019

Michelle currently works in the Worcester Massachusetts Office as a Property Manager for a Condominium Association. She takes pride in overseeing that her property is well cared for and managed from daily operations to coordinating all property management needs with construction projects to maintenance and assisting the financial portfolio to stay on track. Michelle Graduated from Fitchburg State College in 1998, there she studied Business Management and Marketing and enjoyed her Communications courses. Michelle has over 13 years of Property Management experience and has a passion for helping communities to thrive. Throughout the day receiving unexpected thank you phone calls and emails from clients is the most rewarding part of the day regardless of how challenging that day may had been, it then all becomes worth all the effort put in.

Michelle’s main responsibilities are to reassure all Homeowner Associations that their safety, conflicts, financials and day to day administrative work is always in good hands and being well taken care of. The best part of the job is meeting with the Board of Directors/Trustees as needed and on a monthly schedule. Relationships and trusts are built between the Property Manager and The Community regarding all of the properties needs from financials to legal matters and ongoing projects. It becomes more than a business relationship.

Michelle works with all residents within the community and reaches out to everyone one of them to keep regularly updated changes and information throughout the community. She also meets with the Board of Directors/Trustee members monthly and as needed to conduct a full agenda to facilitate the ongoing and upcoming contractors, financials, bids and the overall performance stages for all Homeowners satisfaction.
Michelle loves to spend time with her children and their community when at home. Michelle coached both soccer and basketball for 15 years and now enjoys watching her daughter compete in gymnastics and going to the movies with young adult son. Volunteer work has always been a passion for Michelle as she advocates for her own nonprofit for those battling mental illness of all kinds by helping family’s with her vast amount of knowledge to help them live with dignity and respect.

• Favorite Junk Food-Ice cream and every flavor, there is no such thing as a bad flavor of ice cream
• Favorite Activity outside of work-Lifting weights and training in the gym.
• Chores I Hate- cleaning bathrooms…. time consuming, my daughter is getting the hang of it…lol
• Favorite Sports Team-Die Hard Patriots Fan….I will record the game and block my ears all day
• Pet Peeve- Dirty Dishes in the sink…that is what the dishwasher is for