Jacki Sirrine

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  • June 27, 2014

Jacki Sirrine is the VP and Director of Corporate Financial Services and Controller. She oversees the accounting department that prepares and administers all financial reports for Great North’s clients. Jacki has been with Great North since August 2005. Jacki started as a Senior Accountant, then was promoted to Assistant Controller in 2006, then further as Controller in 2010. Jacki now holds her current position of Vice President.

Jacki graduated from Nichols College in Dudley Massachusetts in 1999. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. Jacki completed her four years course studies within three years graduating with high honors.

Jacki manages and develops the accounting procedures that adhere to industry standards and internal quality and safeguard controls. Jacki interfaces with the management team to construct customized reports, accounting particulars, issues and concerns. She also manages the specifics for the CPAs, tax regulations and filings, fixed assets, and depreciation schedules. Jacki prepares monthly financial statements that conform to GAAP standards, creates summary level information as requested, and oversees the management of all bank account activity and general ledger reconciliation. Jacki is a willing participant working with the Boards of Directors to maintain customer approval and satisfaction as necessary. Jacki makes herself available to assist in all of your accounting and financial needs.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite junk food is ice cream
  • Favorite activity when not at work is camping and boating
  • Hates cleaning
  • Favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox
  • Favorite cereal is Captain Crunch