Chris Buckley

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  • January 27, 2017

Chris Buckley currently works in the Worcester Massachusetts Office as a Property Manager for 10+ Condominium Associations throughout the Middlesex & Worcester Counties. He oversees the day to day operations of all aspects of Property Management with care to ensure that your Home and Condo Association is well taken care of. Chris studied Business Management & Communications at Dean College and has over 15 years of Real Estate experience in Building Management, Construction Project Management, Maintenance, Leasing, Collections, Insurance Claims and beyond both on the residential and condominium side. His largest accomplishment was successfully overseeing an $8.2 mil Complete Building Envelope Renovation Project for 150 Townhomes in 2016, a project that was originally scheduled for an 18-24 month duration was completed in nine. Property Management can be challenging and difficult at times but the biggest reward at the end of the day is having satisfied clients and customers!

Chris’s main responsibilities as a Condominium Property Manager are to work for and with the Home Owner’s Association, maintain building components, ensure resident safety, resolve conflict, perform administrative tasks daily, prepare and review financial reports. Most enjoyable part of the job is overseeing the actual projects that you planned with the Board of Trustees, bid out, met with contractors and planned weeks, months and sometimes years for.

Chris meets monthly/quarterly with the Board of Trustees/Directors or as needed and regularly communicates on a daily/weekly basis by phone or email. He serves as a liaison between the Board of Trustees, Owners, Vendors, Municipalities, Legal, etc. Provide administrative support to the Board and its Associations. Setup, Host & Conduct Annual Community Association Meetings for Properties as large as 150+ units

Chris loves to spend time with his lovely wife Kelley, daughter Adrianna, son Hunter and German Shepherd Puppy Kane and coach youth Baseball, Softball & Basketball in the Central Mass Region.


  • Favorite junk food- Pizza and anything after 10pm LOL
  • Favorite activity outside of work- coaching/playing Baseball,Softball,Basketball,Tennis & family walks with our German shepherd puppy
  • chores you hate to do- empty dishwasher, I have 2 kids for that
  • Favorite sports team- DIEHARD Redsox, Patriots,Celtics & Dodgers Fan!
  • Favorite Movie- The Departed, Strangers


    • Chris Buckley can be contacted at:
    • 508-459-8722 Ext. 1993