Administrative services are a critical component of Great North’s comprehensive approach to property management.

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At Great North, we pride ourselves on doing the following for our clients:

Board Relations
Meet with the Board of Directors to review financial reports and discuss upcoming goals and activities for the Association.

Declaration and Bylaws
Review, interpret, and modify Association governing documents in accordance with the Board of Directors’ objectives.

Enforcement of Rules and Policies
Interpret and enforce rules. Guide the Board with development or amendment of rules and procedures.

Prepare and distribute Association correspondence and notices. Develop and maintain effective complaint procedures. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

Committee Relations
Provide direction and support for volunteer committees when requested.

Annual Meetings
Coordinate notice, proxy, agenda and ballot process for Annual Meetings of the Association. Act as chairperson for the meeting if requested.

Negotiate and maintain the appropriate property and liability coverage for the Association. Assist in processing claims related to the property.

Record Maintenance
Maintain all current and archived records for association including unit owner information, contracts, insurance information, and accounting records.