Stacey Diodati

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  • September 13, 2017

Stacey Diodati is under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors as well as Great North Property Management. She will be involved in overseeing and coordinating all property management, maintenance requests and the day to day business and needs of your condominium association.

Stacey’s essential duties are to make educated and professional recommendations and oversee the Board’s activities and decisions, facilitate Board meetings, as well as the facilities of the communities she manages. Stacey has had over 6 1/2 years in the Property Management industry.

Stacey will meet with the Board of Directors as necessary and communicate daily. Stacey’s position to homeowners will be to become the liaison between homeowners and the Board of Directors to ensure a seamless transition as well as facilitate your needs. Stacey will also provide administrative support to the Board and Association, set up annual meetings, obtain bids for upcoming projects, perform quality control inspections as well as provide owners with pertinent information associated with your property.

When Stacey is not managing the day to day responsibilities of her Associations, she enjoys watching her son play competitive hockey and likes to sneak in a Bruins game once in a while. Stacey and her son also studied martial arts together and have their black belts. Even though Stacey likes to be active, she still enjoys watching any movie with Will Farrell, and her favorite movie during the holidays is Elf.

Stacey is familiar to your properties as she has lived in Southern New Hampshire her entire life, so she is very familiar with all the season, their needs and demands associated with them.