Nicole Yergeau

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  • June 27, 2014

Nikki is working in our client services department. After graduating high school, Nikki went to Cosmetology school and worked as a hair stylist for about 2 years before becoming a stay at home Mom to her two beautiful children. Once back into the working world, prior to joining Great North, Nikki worked at a transportation company doing intermodal dispatch for 2 years, then worked in billing for about a year.

In her spare time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family. Nikki loves to go camping, loves to spend time at home swimming and hanging out on the beach, and venturing out in the summer to find new and exciting places!

Fun Facts:

  • She can write backwards with the same skill and finesse of her typical handwriting
  • Most people call her Nic (Nick) It is strange when people call her Nicole
  • Growing up she had a pony named Mario
  • She is terrified of snakes
  • Really wants to visit Niagara Falls