Kerri Trainor

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  • September 9, 2015

Kerri Trainor is a Property Manager for six condo associations within New Hampshire and Massachusetts with Great North Property Management. She graduated from Mount Ida College with honors, majoring in Interior Design. After school, she started a career in property management, where she has 5 years of experience.

Kerri works closely with the property managers for each association to oversee the day-to-day tasks for the properties. Her daily duties are to assist each property manager with tasks varying from site visits, soliciting bids for snow removal, landscaping and other contracts as well as take care of any other requests from the members of the Board. She also attends frequent meetings with the Property Manager and Board Members in order to communicate issues within the property, plan for any future site work and to go over budget planning. She is hoping to grow within Great North and become a Property Manager.

Fun facts:

  • Her favorite fun activity is “Do It Yourself” projects! She has made jewelry organizers (which she sells on Etsy), different wreaths and home accessories. She also loves anything to do with art, especially painting and has participated in the Nashua Art Walk before.
  • Her favorite sport to watch is basketball and the least is football, although she is participating in fantasy football this year in hopes to become more interested!
  • Her favorite junk food is pizza and ice cream, especially milky way or brownie.
  • Her favorite color is maroon, and her biggest pet peeve is people chewing loudly!