Bob Brown

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  • March 15, 2018

Bob is a retired commercial construction manager, brought back to work in a moment of weakness, by Justin Gargiulo (who’s weakness we don’t know, Justin’s or Bob’s).
Bob works part-time assisting other Property Managers in various duties and capacities. His specialties are: violation notices, site visits and various association annual maintenance scheduling. He has been the board president at The Gables Condominiums in Hampton, NH for ten years and is familiar with condo management “from that side of the desk”; Great North has been the management company for his condominiums for the past ten years.

Bob has a business management, construction and property management background, and prior to construction management, he owned a motel at Hampton Beach for ten years (the common theme here being “for ten years”). He was also a licensed commercial real estate broker in New Hampshire and Massachusetts…for ten years.

  • He graduated from Ohio University with a BS degree in Journalism (and BS).
  • He also works part-time with Cove Marina in Salisbury, MA with various construction and carpentry duties.
  • Bob is a power-boating enthusiast and holds a USCG 100-ton Masters license.
  • He is an author/writer of short stories (Google: Nautical Chronicles).
  • Don’t ask Bob to go on a ladder over four feet tall; he has a serious fear of heights.
  • Other interests include: reading, talking, debating…and foreign languages.