Our Team

Great North Property Management, Inc. employs a staff of over 80 property management and accounting professionals. To deliver superior client services, our employees are regularly trained in current industry standards and practices. The property managers employed at Great North are directly invested in the day-to-day operations of individual properties and are dedicated to improving the overall community.

Lynn Nash

Andrea Brown

Peter Szeidler


Shelby Geehan


Staci McCann

Maria Pyburn

Jeff Prindle


Karen Rabenius


Debbie Peters

Keysha Welch

Jacki Sirrine


Nick Thompson

Alex Weare

Richard Welch

Nicole Yergeau

Bob Linney


Kerri Trainor

Mary Nawn


Robyn McNicholas


Alan Anderson

Robin Luker

Rob Barnes

Melissa Silvio-Barnes

Sheryl Sarkis

Colleen Greene

Brittany Macdonald

Michael Valente

Kelley Jack

Chris Buckley

Celeste Marcellino

Brooke Richards

Amanda Aiello

Sara McNutt

Paul Jefferson

Sandra Cote

Phil Jung

Kimberly Donahue

Kara-Ann Gilroy

Carrie Branchi

Nicole Griffin

Shawn Roach

Stacey Diodati

Samantha Bouley

Justin Gargiulo


Lou Gargiulo