Debbie Peters

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  • February 15, 2016

Debbie Peters is the Senior Property Manager in the Peabody, Massachusetts office.  Debbie is under the supervision of Great North senior management.  Debbie is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all property management, maintenance, and construction activities associated with the management of your Condominium Association.  Debbie worked her way through residential, commercial, and condominium management over a span of twenty-six years surrounded by the mentorship of highly successful people.  Debbie expanded her career by working as an assistant to Dr. Nevin S. Scrimshaw, a pioneer nutritionist, and an assistant to a general contractor of custom built lake homes.  These experiences broadened her knowledge and ability to support the members of the board and your community with the management of the common facilities of the complex.

Debbie oversees with members of the board the activities of contractors, vendor personnel, and suppliers. She also monitors all expenditures of the association ensuring they are within budget and as per contract. Debbie performs quality control inspections to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards. Additionally, she solicits bids and assures compliance to bid specifications for maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and small construction projects. Her responsibilities include recommendations to the Board for outside vendors such as attorneys, engineers and consultants.

Debbie meets with board members as necessary and communicates with them regularly. Her responsibilities include daily interaction with the homeowners on maintenance requests and association related questions. She keeps the owners and residents informed of association meetings and project/construction schedules. She acts as the liaison between the Board, owners, contractors, maintenance personnel, etc. Her duties also include field inspections to ensure adherence to the association’s documents. At the BOD’s request she procures services and insurance coverage as necessary to run the Association. Debbie maintains Association records and provides administrative support to the Board and Association.

Fun Facts:

  • I grew up in the outskirts of Boston and raised my two children in New Hampshire
  • Weekend river kayaking is the best
  • My calm is the ocean
  • I love, love, love spending time with my family