Chris Hartley     

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  • January 27, 2017
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Chris a Property Manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge, and experience to the company. Chris is managing a portfolio of properties out of our Peabody office. Chris is responsible for the fiscal health, the concerns of residents, and the physical condition of the Communities he manages.

Chris is the youngest of four sons.   He is a lifelong resident Marblehead, Massachusetts a small town in the suburbs of Boston. He lives there today with his wife and two daughters.

Chris began his career working for a family owned property maintenance company covering the Northshore of Massachusetts. He had many different roles over his years with the company, learning all the ins and outs of property maintenance. Earning his Real Estate Sales License in 2003 he expanded upon his knowledge to learn how to add the most value to a property.

After fifteen years of balancing maintenance and real estate he moved to property management, working for developers building and selling condominiums all over Massachusetts. While managing a number of diverse properties, he was also sometimes a project manager, the point of contact for all new buyers, Insurance agents, closing attorneys, and past buyers still covered by the developer’s warranty.

Chris’ resume while varied holds a common thread showing a true passion for making every property its best.

Fun Facts:

  • He is never happier than when it is snowing
  • He is a student of Green Building
  • He enjoys renovation projects
  • He likes to tinker with cars
  • He loves football
  • His favorite color is Red