Chavannes Valbrune

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  • March 21, 2018

Chavannes Valbrune came to Great North Property Management early in 2018 with an ambition to succeed. He is an Assistant Property Manager located in the Newton office. He possesses strong communication skills-verbal and written. He pays attentions to detail and works independently.

Chavannes plans on going back to school for business and management so he can achieve his goals.

Fun Facts:
Favorite junk food: Anything filling
Favorite activity when not at work: Nature walks
Chores you hate doing: NOO DISHES
Fears: Giving up
Favorite color: Black
Favorite cereal: Cocoa Pebbles
Favorite Disney movie: Lion King
Favorite pet peeve: When people say they will start tomorrow or next week but they never do.

    • Chavannes Valbrune can be contacted at: