Alex Protheroe

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  • January 27, 2017
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Alex Protheroe is a Property Manager and has been with Great North for 2 years.  Alex brings a construction and renovation background as he had previously worked at a realty and construction/development agency in Somerville for almost 3 years.

Alex’s essential responsibilities are to communicate with members of the Board, the management of the common facilities of the complex, as well as the multiple custodial and maintenance services provided by a range of outside contractors and vendors. He oversees the activities of contractors, vendor personnel and suppliers. He monitors contracts for compliance, general expenditures of the association, and performs quality control inspections to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards. He solicits bids and ensures compliance with bid specifications for maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and construction projects, and participates in the selection of contractors, in concert with the association’s Board of Trustees.

Alex meets with the Board of Trustees as necessary and communicates with them regularly. He interacts with the homeowners on a daily basis and serves as liaison between the Board of Trustees, unit owners, contractors, municipality, etc. He performs field inspections to ensure adherence to the association’s documents. He maintains association records and provides administrative support to the Board and association as a whole. He coordinates the Annual Meeting and provides unit owners with appropriate and necessary information information, as well as serves as a point of contact for the community.

  • Favorite color: Green
  • Favorite band: Dave Matthews Band
  • Biggest pet peeve: Drivers not using their blinkers.